3 Ways To Store Items on a Manual Wheelchair

3 Ways To Store Items on a Manual Wheelchair

Whether you’re in a wheelchair or helping a family member who uses one, you may assume being in a manual wheelchair makes it more complicated to use backpacks and other storage materials. This is an understandable assumption, but you can still maximize storage on a manual wheelchair to create a more convenient setup for the user.

Put together a stress-free plan for your transportation needs by reading these three effective ways to store items on a manual wheelchair. We’re ready to help you make the most comfortable wheelchair setup possible.

Side Pouches

An easy way to optimize storage on the go is with side pouches or baskets. You can find these accessories designed for wheelchairs that connect to the armrest. Think of it as putting pockets on your wheelchair. Instead of reaching behind you to retrieve items, you can conveniently reach down to either side of you to retrieve them.

That said, not all wheelchair users will prefer having straps on their armrests to secure the side pouches. As you’ll learn in the next section, there are convenient alternatives available if you need them.


One of the best ways to boost storage on a wheelchair is with a backpack. However, don’t grab just any backpack at the local store. Instead, shop for wheelchair-specific backpack designs that will fit comfortably.

Even when you have a spacious backpack to help, remember your weight capacity limits. Avoiding putting too much weight on the back area of the chair is among the most important manual wheelchair safety tips for caregivers. Know your limits, or the limits of the wheelchair user, so you can take full advantage of the backrest for convenient storage.

Under-Seat Storage

Another great way to store items on a manual wheelchair is below the seat. When shopping online for wheelchair storage, look at under-seat baskets and shelves if this placement is more convenient for you. Of course, leaning over to retrieve items from under the seat won’t be comfortable for all wheelchair users.

Even if it’s not a convenient spot for you, consider having under-seat storage if you need space for a caregiver’s supplies. Luckily, you can find storage baskets and packs available in various sizes. You won’t have to compromise storage quantity entirely when switching from a backpack to a side pouch or an under-seat unit. That said, these storage supplies come in many shapes and sizes. Browse online today if you’re ready to build a better wheelchair organization system for your daily requirements.

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