Different Ways To Show Respect for the Departed

Different Ways To Show Respect for the Departed

Life consists of living, dying, and everything in between. Death is a natural process. Living a healthy and fulfilled life involves coming to terms with death and finding ways to heal after a loss. Whether you’ve recently lost someone close to you or know someone grieving, here are four ways to show respect for the departed.

Ceremonial Send Offs

Formal goodbyes and send-offs allow us to move on peacefully. It ensures that nothing feels incomplete. There are many ways to say your official goodbyes, from going to funerals to making art in honor of the recently passed.

No matter how we close the chapter, the more we connect with the ceremony and send-off, the more fulfilled we’ll feel.

Thoughtful Condolences and Gifts

There are many reasons why it’s important to send flowers to a funeral; they are a gift to those grieving and to the recently departed. Gift giving, no matter the item sent—card, flowers, food, etc.—shows others that you care about them and are thinking of them. Surrounding someone who’s grieving with love takes some of the heavy weight off their shoulder. It makes them feel less alone in their suffering and provides comfort to combat the pain.

Display your love for the recently passed by gifting them flowers. This present shows their family that you’re thinking about their loss. In some traditions, dead loved ones use gifts from the living to help them on their afterlife journey. In a time filled with sadness, love sheds a little light in the darkness.

Cherish Positive Memories

Instead of wakes and funerals, many people like to hold celebrations of life. They look at death as a reminder to keep those you care about close and an opportunity to bring those still in your life together.

Celebrate the lives of those who passed with positivity to keep their memory bright. Cherish positive memories, honor their accomplishments, and welcome others who are grieving into your community.

Take Care of Yourself and Others

Life after death isn’t easy. Some of us throw ourselves back into work, while others prefer to spend some moments by themselves. Taking care of yourself honors the wishes of the dead. It enhances the healing process, giving you the energy to push forward and continue living.

There are many different ways to show respect for the departed, from hosting a ceremonial last goodbye to spreading the love with gifts and care. Saying goodbye feels like we’re losing a part of ourselves. We can fill that gap with respect, memories, and love for the person we lost.

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