Enhanced Diet: Best Ways To Enrich Your Dog’s Kibble

Enhanced Diet: Best Ways To Enrich Your Dog's Kibble

Although almost all of us feed our dogs kibble, having this as their only food source isn’t the healthiest option. This is because kibble is highly processed, and some use a lot of fillers and by-products. As a result, your once energetic pup may become a lethargic couch potato. With these ways to enrich your dog’s kibble, you can easily keep them healthy.

Mix in Fresh Meat

Many canine experts recommend feeding dogs eggs and fresh muscle meat. Options such as chicken or turkey heart, liver, and chicken gizzards are safe food for pups to eat in moderation. Additionally, fresh meats have high protein levels and other nutrients that canines rely on.

If you decide to add raw meats to your pup’s diet, talk to the vet first. They’ll have recommendations tailored to your dog and can instruct you on properly shifting your dog’s diet.

Add Canned Pumpkin

Another issue with kibble is that it doesn’t always have the right amount of fiber, leading to a few bathroom problems for your dog. Constipation and diarrhea lead to discomfort and make it harder for your dog to express their anal glands. When a dog’s anal glands are full, owners often see them scooting across the carpet and excessively licking the area.

Mixing canned pumpkin into your dog’s food helps increase their fiber intake, which helps regulate their bathroom habits. Remember that this should be pure pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling.

Pet Owner Tip

Adding nutrients to kibble is also essential if your pup has a specific health condition such as diabetes or hypothyroidism. Canned pumpkin is also an excellent meal topper for diabetic dogs because high-fiber foods take longer to digest, which helps to lower their glucose levels.

Purchase Healthy Toppers

If you don’t have time to purchase specific produce or meat products for your dog, don’t worry—there are various healthy toppers on the market. Strive to buy dehydrated or freeze-dried food as it still has the essential nutrients and is as easy to pour as kibble.

When in doubt about which topper to purchase, read through the brand reviews and ingredients list. If everything looks good, jot the name down and call your vet for an expert’s opinion. They may know details you haven’t considered and will have a professional understanding of canine nutrition.

Add New Foods Slowly

One of the most important ways to enrich your dog’s kibble is to start slowly. Immediately giving your dog a bowl filled with new meats, produce, or canine toppers can be a recipe for disaster. Their body needs to adjust to the different food. Add a few small pieces of the topper or feed them to them as a treat. After a few days, you can increase the amount mixed in with their kibble.

The length of the process depends on what you feed them, as introducing raw food takes longer to adjust to than dehydrated or freeze-dried canine toppers. By following the procedure advised by your vet, you’ll keep your pooch happy and healthy!

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