How to Keep Your Fleece Garments Looking Like New

Fleece is a family favorite all over the USA. Hoodies, track pants, and a wide range of clothing is made using versatile fleece. We love its cuddly softness. Knowing how to keep your fleece garments looking and feeling like new is golden because when you keep your clothes looking their best, you’ll wear them longer. And that’s doing the planet and your family a favor! 

So, what is it about fleece we love so much? Why, the comfort, of course! And that comfort is preserved when you know how to care for your fleece garments. You can keep that tactile softness rolling for the long term with a few simple hacks.

New American Chic

In the last five years, Americans have increasingly turned to activewear as their preferred daily apparel. What’s now called “athleisure wear” in fashion circles is being designed with an eye to youthful cuts, intensely tactile fabrics, and superior construction practices. Now sometimes made using recycled sea plastics, fleece has truly come of age in an era of sustainability as a mission.

A new standard of quality fleece sportswear has emerged, responding to consumer habits and preferences. Fitted like a unique and well-made custom suit, this is a look everyone in the family can rock! New American chic is about effortless style that embraces you with practical comfort and fabrics that make a difference by being produced from discarded materials. Let’s find out how to keep your athleisure fleece looking fresh.

Mindful Washing

It’s so easy to lob your clothes into the washer without a thought. But fleece demands that you pause and reflect! Take a moment to treat your fleece like the clothing asset it is by: 

  • Turning your fleece garments inside out prior to washing
  • Not overwashing them. If the garment isn’t worn next to the body, spot clean instead
  • Hand washing your fleece if you have time
  • Trying a non-chemical spot remover. Chemicals are tough on fleece!
  • Not using bleach
  • Using a mild or non-chemical laundry detergent.

When you take care of fleece, you’ll begin to see the difference that care makes to its appearance and longevity. Washing it less often is a big part of that. If your fleece jacket, for example, is covered in mud after a challenging camping weekend, wash it as soon as you can to prevent staining. But with normal use, a fleece jacket can be worn several times before it needs to be washed.

Always give your clothes the sniff test before washing them. Don’t wash fleece just because it’s been worn once or even twice. You’ll be rocking that garment for much longer if you practice mindful washing that doesn’t jump the gun.

Mind the Heat!

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Something important to understand about fleece is that it really doesn’t care for heat. So, ironing fleece is not advised. The heat of the iron can melt the tiny fibers fleece is made from, undermining its cozy softness by creating hard patches. You don’t want that, so keep that iron in the hall closet!

If you’re concerned about wrinkling, don’t leave your fleece sitting in the dryer. Pull it out before it’s dry and hang it. And washing fleece in hot water can shorten the life of your fleece too, so choose cold water.

About Those Annoying Pills

Don’t you hate it when your favorite fleece pills up? Friction is the cause of this unfortunate effect, loosening those tiny fibers and transforming them into clingy little balls on the fabric. Always investigate quality when buying fleece. Just like a good pair of shoes, it’s not all about superficial looks. Quality garments shouldn’t pill excessively.

But pilling needn’t be the end of your fleece! Invest in a fabric shaver and send those pills packing! Just run that baby over your fleece and presto! No more annoying pills!

Love Your Fleece

These simple tips about how to care for fleece will keep it looking and feeling new, fresh, and touchably soft for the long term. All these hacks are simple. And while the fabric shaver may seem excessive, wait until you try it on your fleece. You’ll love it!

The real secret to keeping your fleece feeling like new is being aware of how you treat it. We’re so accustomed to convenience that we often miss what’s staring us in the face – that changing the way we wash and care for our clothes makes them look and feel better for longer. 

Not only is wearing your fleece longer better for the planet; it’s better for your pocketbook and for families, that’s a big one. Here’s to a long life for all the fleece in your family!

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