Keeping Your Home and Life Organized

Side view of a spices and groceries organized in a modern kitchen drawer. Kitchen design inspiration.

In the hustle-bustle of life, it can be so easy for your home to get out of control, with the responsibilities of work, family, and friends, keeping your home clean can continually be something that gets pushed to the back burner. As a result, the clutter builds up and keeps you from being able to enjoy each day to the fullest. You miss out on the little things, like loving to cook in your kitchen, having a truly relaxed evening (not surrounded by the piles of to-do), or going to bed in an orderly space without things adding clutter to your racing brain.

At Sunny Spaces Organizing, Erika Maddamma and her team of organizers are all about removing the overwhelm so that life’s moments can be truly enjoyed. Sunny Spaces aims to decrease unnecessary stress from people’s lives to allow them to see the sunshine in the day to day.

When everything in the home has a place, cleaning up at the end of the day is quick and easy, and doesn’t have to be a chore. If everything has a place, you don’t have to think to put it back, it simply becomes a natural motion to return it to it’s home. Without adding extra stress to your home due to clutter you’re able to think more clearly, sleep more deeply, and relax to the max. Many of Sunny Spaces’ clients say they actually look forward to doing laundry and cooking after their laundry rooms and kitchens are organized by Sunny Spaces’ expert organizing team.

Erika, owner of Sunny Spaces, is a busy mom herself and understands the importance of keeping her home and life organized so that she can enjoy time with her family. She organizes from a place of understanding, not judgment. A place of truly wanting to better people’s lives. The Sunny Spaces Team starts each new client off with a free consultation that will assess the client’s specific needs so that the organizing team can come up with a perfectly tailored plan of execution to remove the overwhelm. Whether it be organizing pots and pans in the kitchen, taming an unruly pantry, bringing calm to bedroom closets, or doing a deep dive into basements and garages, Sunny Spaces is capable of creating a system that will alleviate the day-to-day stressors that these areas create and make them pockets of sunshine in people’s homes.

There’s no one “cookie cutter” answer to organizing a home – each family has their own needs and specific reasons for keeping items in the places they do. Sunny Spaces strives to work with clients to make sure their home still feels like them and works for their individual needs. If you need a junk drawer in your kitchen, Sunny Spaces will turn it into a space that is organized but still functional for the items you need to store in it. If you are low on storage space, Sunny Spaces will help you get creative in finding ways to make your storage items pretty, even in plain sight. There is no project too big or too small for this team of organizers. Sunny Spaces helps to make organization a lifestyle, something that will be maintainable for even the most disorganized individuals. If you’ve never been able to keep a system in place on your own, you are not beyond hope, you may have tried to fit a system into your life that did not fit with your lifestyle.

That’s why having an organization plan catered to your life is crucial to success. There is no way around the fact that we all have chaotic, messy moments in our busy lives, so making a system that works for you, rather than one you have to work for, will help keep the chaos at bay. Our team is judgment-free, and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Make your home sunnier, and your life a whole lot brighter with the help of Sunny Spaces Organizing.

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