Tips for Adding Accent Lighting in Your Home

Tips for Adding Accent Lighting in Your Home

Lighting plays an integral role in film, theatre, and interior design. How you illuminate a space changes the functionality, atmosphere, and appearance of your room and the items within it.

Accent lighting emphasizes a particular area or object, highlighting specific features and forming a statement piece in your space. Curate a focal piece in your interior that shapes the mood and look of your space with these three tips for adding accent lighting in your home.

1. Know What You’re Accenting

Thoughtful lighting design can add a lot to a room, but you should plan to accent more than just a blank wall. Accent lighting aims to define and spotlight certain attributes, characteristics, or attractions in your space. Decide which features, such as art pieces and family portraits, are worthy of attention.

Accent lighting is one of the many ways to display art sculptures in your home, bringing attention to the artwork and letting it decorate, command, and enhance your space.

2. Think Across the Spectrum

LEDs changed the way we illuminate spaces. Not only do we have access to a wide range of warm and cool white tones, but we can also add touches of color from across the entire rainbow. LED lights allow us to bring different hues into a space and accent it with a splash of color.

Choose a shade that complements what you are accenting, or let the colorful lighting become your accent piece. Be careful with this, however—those little brushstrokes of magenta, lime green, and indigo can go a long way. Don’t get overzealous with your expanded palette.

3. Dial It Down

Speaking of overdoing it, it’s important not to overdo the luminosity of these accent lights. Remember that accents are just that—a complementary feature.

Successful accent lighting commands attention without overpowering or washing out other attributes in your space. Don’t allow them to overwhelm other light fixtures.

Choose what you want to accent, use LEDs to broaden your color spectrum, and keep the shine dialed down from overwhelming other features in your space. Whether you have artwork, photos, or a unique architectural element you want to highlight in your home, accent lighting is a great way to set the center stage for any attribute you want to illuminate. Keep these three tips for adding accent lighting in your home in mind when redesigning or decorating your space to add a unique touch to your interior.

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