Top Five Tea Shops in Pittsburgh

By Lisa Beachler

I’m from Ohio but, I’m a Steelers fan at heart. I love the city of Pittsburgh and there is a lot to love.

I’m also a tea lover and visiting tea shops and rooms is something I love to do when I vacation. There is no better way then getting to know a neighborhood then stopping by the local tea shop. Sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea while watching the city and its people unfold before you.

If you don’t know Pittsburgh you need to know that Pittsburgh is a former steel city. Steel tough surrounded by three rivers (Three River Stadium). The people of Pittsburgh are like their city, steel strong yet, flowing like a river. 

Pittsburgh is known for giving, caring and sharing. Drop in for a spot of tea and you will see exactly what I mean! 

I’ve highlighted 5 of the top tea rooms in Pittsburgh and I encourage you to stop by and enjoy a cuppa. When you get there tell them Lisa, from My Tea Vault sent you.

I spoke with someone at each of the tea rooms. I asked them to tell me more about their tea rooms and asked them one important question:

“What’s your number one selling tea?”

Let’s take a look at the offerings from Pittsburgh’s Tea Rooms.

Tupelo Honey Tea Room


(412) 821-0832
211 Grant Ave

Tupelo Honey Tea Room’s average score was a 4.9

When I spoke with front desk personnel she was friendly and knowledgeable. She told me they do what they do because of the human connection and brings humans together.

The storefront is like that of my grandmother’s house and the interior is very much a home. You will feel welcome and comfortable in its charm. Wooden floors and wooden shelves that hold more than 70 different tea choices for you.

A small eclectic tea shop and vegetarian/vegan cafe. They are attached to the Millvale Community Library. Tupelo Honey Tea Room is approximately 3 miles north of Pittsburgh.

Their number one tea right now is a Coconut Chai – black darjeeling tea, rooibos, coconut, sweet cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamon, black pepper, nutmeg and star anise.

Tupelo Honey is a woman-owned and run business. Owner Danielle loves green tea and visited Vietnam. She purchased a Vietnamese Green tea produced by a woman-run company in Vietnam.

Tupelo prides itself in being a sustainable, friendly and fair trade business.

Gryphon’s Tea Room


(412) 877-4223
4709 Liberty Ave

Gryphon’s Tea Room’s average score was a 4.9

Gryphon’s let me know their top-selling teas right now.

Quiet Shire – Chamomile, lemongrass, rose, mint and lavender or

Summer On Ice – Black tea w/rose, lemongrass, citrus oils with a little pretty blue cornflowers but these change through the seasons. With over 300 teas, herbs and spices, there are a lot of things to choose from. Gryphon’s love to create new blends and helping everyone find their perfect cup.

Gryphon’s tea shop is family owned. They sell tea, spices and herbs. When you walk by the store you may notice a plant or two in the window and when weather permits an open door. Walk right in and check out the wall of teas as well as the wall of tea kettles, cups and utensils.

People are happy to have stopped by and some wish they would have found Gryphon’s earlier.

Blue Monkey Tea Coffee/Tea International Grocery 

Blue Monkey

(412) 422-1606
5872 Forbes Ave
Squirrel Hill

Blue Monkey Teas average score was a 4.8

Blue Monkey Tea Room opened its doors in 2002 and since that time it’s tea collection has grown to over 500 teas! That’s a lot of tea! Besides tea, they have various teapots, tea accessories, British biscuits, sugars, clotted cream, preserves and even Marmite. Blue Monkey Tea also offers classes. Make sure to check out their website for schedules dates and times.

Blue Monkey Tea Room is stocked full, if you are looking for a particular item, this would be the place to go. Teapots? She has a few (hundred) give or take.

When asking Margaret about the number one tea the answer could not be one tea, not with 500 to choose from. Here is what I got. 

Pittsburgh Breakfast black tea – strong like steel, smooth like our three rivers. Great tea to wake up with!

Triple ZZZ – our sleepy time tea – a blend of calming, relaxing herbs, caffeine free. We put half of the Pittsburgh to sleep at night with that one…lol

Seasonal teas always a hit, right now

Pumpkin Cream Rooibos, Apple-Cider and Chestnut Tea are very popular.

Bantha Tea Bar


(412) 404-8359
5002 Penn Ave

Bantha bar’s average score of was 4.8 

Bantha’s Tea Bar is solar powered and is constructed of recycled materials. Bantha tea and foods are locally and ethically sourced. They even have a water filtration system for all coffee and teas.

Everything Banthas tea buy is local and if it’s not local it comes from family farms. Bantha Tea Bar supports small business.

The best selling tea right now: 

Coconut Chia – Sencha green tea, coconut, nettle, oat straw, red clover, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and pepper.

Bantha Tea Bar also opens its doors to the multicultural events they host on a regular basis.

When I spoke with one of the ladies that work there she told me they also sell Kava. If you are not familiar with Kava here is the real short 101 versions: 

Kava is a crop of the Pacific Islands and its name means bitter. Remember bitter herbs are great for your microbiome. People seek out Kava for a variety of reasons. The number one reason is its medicinal benefits and calming properties. Kava May also protects neurons from damage, Reduce pain, Reduce the risk of cancer (tested on mice). Contact Bantha for more information on Kava.

They have four different flavors of Kava, which is your favorite?

  1. ginger
  2. dark chocolate
  3. chocolate
  4. regular

Dobra Tea Room


(412) 626-7063
1937 Murray Ave
Squirrel Hill

Dobra Tea Room’s average score was a 4.7

Owner Nathaniel Pantalone shared with me the following about Dobra Tea Room: 

“There are many things that would be difficult to list. However, most importantly, we spend and have spent considerable effort to directly source all of our teas from their countries of origin. We also source teas that at a minimum meet EU standards for pesticide residues and other impurities. We also source many certified organic teas. Regardless of certification, we have all our teas independently tested for impurities to verify that they meet our standards for safety.”

You can’t miss the adorable mint green building that sits on the corner of Murray Ave in Pittsburgh. When you walk inside and see the bohemian style tea room that is exactly what your soul desires. The multi-cultural atmosphere is pleasing to everyone.

Dobra Tea best seller is the Traditional Style Chai (Northern Indian Style)

You can’t miss the adorable mint green building that sits on the corner of Murray Ave in Pittsburgh. When you walk inside you will be greeted with a bohemian style tea room that is exactly what your soul desires. The multi-cultural atmosphere is pleasing to everyone.

Arnold’s Tea Room


(412) 322-2494
502 E Ohio St
North Side

Arnolds Tea Room was added as an honorable mention by me

Arnolds Tea Room’s average score was a 4.5

Arnolds will be the first to tell you they are all about quality and knowledge. Expect to get the answers to your questions. In keeping with that desire 2018 saw a new management. Chef Claudy Pierre and Eminent Hospitality Solutions Co joined with Arnolds.

Their number one tea right now is Turmeric Bliss  

Reaching further into the tea community and branching out to new endeavors. Arnold’s desire is to cement their legacy in the community.

Arnold’s large menu serves many items. I was told that the breakfast sandwiches are the best and you should come in and try them out.

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