Top Tier Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Projects

Top Tier Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Projects

Are you looking to do your part to save the environment? You can incorporate eco-friendly behavior in everything you do. One of the ways that you can do this is to choose home improvement projects designed to promote sustainability and usability in your home. Check out our analysis of the top-tier eco-friendly home improvement projects you can complete on your home.

Upgrade Your Windows

It’s no secret that upgrading your windows is often the key to heating and cooling efficiency in your home. You make many energy demands around the house throughout the year, much of which comes from your windows. The truth is, there are several surprising ways that new windows can save you money.

Much of your home’s energy exits through your windows due to cracks or poor sealant around the perimeter. New windows could be costly, but the return on investment is exceptional. You’ll watch your heating and cooling bill tank tremendously if you perform this upgrade.

Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

Many advances are available when it comes to smart appliances. You may have more cold retained in the freezer and less heat loss in your home overall. If you’re looking for the right appliances for your home, make sure you look for ones with Energy Star certifications. This certification means they follow the US Department of Energy’s complete criteria regarding energy efficiency. There are, of course, other ways to improve your energy efficiency. You can cover your pans when you cook, use smaller appliances instead of larger ones, and fill your washing machine and dishwasher before running them.

Switch To Solar

This tip is a top-tier eco-friendly home improvement project. Many benefits and multiple options come with switching to solar. You can invest your money in solar shingles or a panel. Your panels will be especially useful in an emergency since you’ll have power when the grid is down. All you need are your panels and a battery storage mechanism. 

Overall, solar panels can greatly save our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and each home’s carbon footprint. It’s worth making all the changes on this list if you want to be more energy efficient.

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