What Is the Lagree Shake? And Why You Should Embrace It

Many people who do Lagree experience what is called a Lagree shake. If you’ve been doing Lagree for a while and felt your muscles start shaking during the workout, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Essentially, the Lagree shake is when your muscles start trembling and shaking during a Lagree workout. It indicates that you’re pushing yourself hard enough and working out with proper intensity. And yes — it’s completely normal!

While it might sound scary or feel like you’re doing something wrong, in reality, it’s a sign that you’re doing something right. It means your muscles are working at their maximum power and reaching their full potential.

Embracing the Lagree shake and allowing your muscles to push themselves through it can help you get better results from your workouts. And we’ll show you exactly why you should embrace it!

What Is Lagree?

Lagree is a high-intensity, low-impact exercise focusing on slow and controlled movements. The goal is to challenge your muscles while keeping your heart rate up. Unlike HIIT workouts, which involves intense bursts of activity followed by rest periods, the Lagree method involves more sustained movement patterns. These exercises stimulate your muscles and increase their strength, endurance, and flexibility over time.

And with the help of the powerful Lagree Megaformer, you can experience the best possible results. The Lagree Megaformer is a unique piece of equipment that uses weighted springs and tension bands to help you get into different positions and work your muscles from different angles. This allows for an incredibly effective workout that targets both large muscle groups and smaller stabilizing muscles, making it one of the most comprehensive fitness methods available.

What Are Lagree Shakes?

As mentioned, Lagree shakes are the trembling and shaking of your muscles during a Lagree workout. The main cause of this shaking is believed to be the combination of slow movements and high-intensity exercises used in the Lagree method.

This type of shaking can be quite alarming at first, but it’s actually a good sign — it means your muscles are working hard and reaching their full potential, which means you’re getting the best possible workout.

As well as that, the shaking can also help you to control your breathing during a Lagree workout. Rather than having long, deep breaths like with other types of exercise, the shakes will help you to focus on shorter, quicker breathing patterns that match the pace of the exercises. This type of breath control is incredibly beneficial for improving your overall performance and maximizing results.

Why Your Muscles Don’t Shake During Other Exercise

Most traditional exercises are designed to target the large muscle groups, but they don’t always challenge the smaller stabilizing muscles. This is why you may not feel any shaking during your workouts — because your body isn’t being pushed to its absolute limit.

When muscles shake, it’s a sign that they are being challenged and forced to work harder. This increased effort helps build strength, endurance, and flexibility while also burning more calories. It’s also why you should embrace Lagree shakes instead of quitting Lagree when things get more challenging.

Reasons to Embrace the Lagree Shake

Aside from the faster calorie burning and increased muscle toning, there are several other reasons why you should embrace the Lagree shake. 

More Efficiency

First and foremost, Lagree is an incredibly efficient workout. You can get a full body workout in just 40 minutes or less — making it perfect for those with busy schedules who want to make the most of their limited time.

And those 40 minutes will feel like a full hour thanks to the intense pace and movements, especially when you consider how much your muscles shake during the workout.

Fun and Challenging

Lagree is also a lot of fun. The fast-paced movements and constant challenge will keep you engaged throughout the workout, meaning no more boredom or lack of motivation! Your muscles shaking is just an additional challenge and proof you’re moving your workouts in the right direction.

Plus, this is an ideal way to mix up your routine and break any plateaus that may have occurred with other traditional exercises.

Excellent Results

And finally, Lagree will give you excellent results when your muscles start shaking. You’ll build strength and tone your muscles faster than ever before. In fact, you may even see results in just a few short weeks if you work out regularly.


When it comes to getting in shape quickly and efficiently, the Lagree Shake is a great option. It combines elements of Pilates, strength training, and cardio into one intense routine that will get your muscles shaking like never before. And with only 30 minutes needed to complete a full body workout, you can easily fit it into even the busiest schedules. So if you’re looking for an effective and fun way to get in shape, sign up for your first Lagree Fit 415 class!

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