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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world into unchartered territories. Never has the world witnessed the massive change in lifestyles and the sudden need to protect billions from a virus. The world economies have almost come to a standstill, courtesy of the virus. Businesses have reported massive losses with others closing for good. Sources of livelihoods have been lost.

The Pandemic has led to many hospitalizations of patients infected by the virus. Medical facilities and personnel have been overrun in many countries due to the daily surging of infection cases. Medical researchers are still rushing against time to try and develop a permanent solution in the form of a vaccine that has not borne fruit yet. Unfortunately, the pandemic has also caused many deaths across the world. 

Countries have undertaken different measures to try and contain the virus by ‘flattening the curve.’ This has ushered in a new norm that was once unprecedented. It is now mandatory to put on a face mask whenever you are visiting a public place. The mask is a way of keeping yourself and others safe from infections by the virus. Sanitization points are now evident in public places. Citizens are advised to wash their hands thoroughly whenever they visit public places. Hand sanitizers have also been included in trying to avert the spread of the virus. The same also goes for facemasks. 

How can PPE Protect against the Virus?

While the virus is new some critical information to protect yourself is already available. So far, it has been found that it travels via the droplets of an infected person. So, if a healthy person came in contact with the cough or sneeze of a patient, they would also contract the virus. Another discovery is that most patients are asymptomatic for some time, i.e. they have the virus but don’t show any symptoms. This makes the situation a little tricky because now we don’t know who to avoid and how. The solution is to practice social distancing and wear face masks and use gloves when possible. 

Wearing a mask will help protect you from coronavirus but the priority should always be to avoid going out altogether, if one has to, they should wear a mask. Gloves are another part of PPE that is important. According to the CDC guidelines, you don’t have to wear them all the time but should use them as much as possible. 

We are here to help and committed to our crucial role in helping citizens protect themselves against the COVID-19 virus and other infections. Omnimed is your go-to partner for businesses resuming operations under strict COVID-19 rules. Offering you a range of protective equipment, you will be set on the right path for complying with Covid-19 requirements.  Setting up sanitation stations at your business premise is now efficient and easy with Omnimed Inc. You can purchase the glove & masks holders stand to strategically place throughout your business. The fight against the pandemic will be won with the right protection gear and protocol in place. It is time to get yours on

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