5 Tips for Throwing a Successful School Fall Festival

5 Tips for Throwing a Successful School Fall Festival

The autumn season brings cooling temperatures, falling leaves, and a deep desire to have everything pumpkin spice. However, there’s another thing that many parents and their children look forward to—the school fall festival! If you’re on the planning committee for this fall event, you’re in for a treat. Here are five tips for throwing a successful school fall festival that will excite students and make their parents happy.

Create Fall-Themed Activities for All Ages

You must have a range of activities that cater to everyone, from kindergarteners to the accompanying adults. Think pumpkin painting for the little ones, a corn maze challenge for the older kids, and even a fall recipe bake-off for the adults.

Hayrides, apple bobbing, and a scarecrow-making contest are classic choices that never go out of style. The key is to have a mix of events that meet the expectations of multiple age groups and ensure everyone has a memorable time.

Provide Proper Supervision

Safety should always come first when planning a fall festival for school-aged children. Consider partnering with local community groups or parent volunteers who can supervise. You should plan to have at least one or two adults chaperoning each fall activity. Having the right adult-to-student ratio will ensure student safety and allow everyone to have fun in a secure environment.

Organize Traffic and Parking

When possible, you want to avoid traffic jams or parking problems that dampen your event. When sending out invitations, communicate parking instructions with parents and staff. Consider using a nearby field for overflow parking or collaborating with local businesses for shared parking space. Clear signage and volunteers can direct traffic and ensure everything flows smoothly.

Establish Safety Rules

When researching tips for throwing a successful school fall festival, you should make a note to establish safety rules for the event. Whether it’s a guideline for the sack race or rules for the pie-eating contest, clear communication is key.

Also, remember the current health guidelines. Consider having hand sanitizer stations available or suggesting social distancing measures. These steps may help parents and their children feel more comfortable attending your event.

Provide Easy Restroom Access

While this may seem obvious, many overlook providing easy restroom access when planning an outdoor event. When planning your school fall festival, ensure your attendees can access bathrooms easily. For bigger crowds, consider renting a portable restroom.

Additionally, you should remember to make your restrooms as inclusive as possible. True inclusivity includes having ADA-compliant restrooms for disabled children and parents. You should know important information like the safety tips for setting up ramps for ADA-compliant porta potties.

Planning a successful school fall festival involves meticulous planning, keeping safety in mind, and ensuring everyone has a great time. Follow these five tips to plan the perfect outdoor event that will become the talk of the school season!

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