5 Ways You Can Mitigate Cabin Fever in Your Dog

5 Ways You Can Mitigate Cabin Fever in Your Dog

When summer arrives, your family will enjoy outdoor activities, as will your dog. But there will be days too hot or rainy for them to be outdoors. Fortunately, you can prevent them from getting restless with these five ways you can mitigate cabin fever in your dog.

Keep Them Busy With a Puzzle Toy

One way to prevent your four-legged friend from getting cabin fever is with a puzzle toy that stimulates them physically and mentally. The toy will help challenge their problem-solving skills and keep them occupied for a long time. And when they solve it, the toy will give them a treat as a reward.

Send Them on a Search

Another way to mitigate cabin fever in your dog is to send them on a search for treats in your house. You will likely have to start this game with an easy place for them to find the treat, but you can raise the difficulty levels more as you continue. Just remember to praise them when they find and eat the treat afterward.

Book a Playdate

You may have booked playdates for your children in the past, and you can do the same for your dog. If your friend or family member has a dog with a similar temperament, book a playdate with them so that your pet can burn off some of their energy and get more social experience.

Take Them to Daycare

A similar option is to take them in for an appointment with a doggy daycare provider. Going to daycare will allow your fur baby to engage in even more activity, including running around with other dogs. They’ll also interact with the humans who manage the daycare service.

Teach Them a New Trick

You can also keep your dog busy indoors by teaching them new tricks, including old classics such as shaking hands or playing dead. You’ll stimulate their mind during the process, just like you did with the puzzle toy.

These strategies will make sure that your dog will be far less bored when they must stay indoors. After all the joy they have given you, it’s time to do your best to ensure they‘re happy and continue enjoying life.

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