Car Maintenance That Requires Immediate Attention

Car Maintenance That Requires Immediate Attention

Car repairs can get expensive; however, when you catch small issues, you might save some money in the long run. It’s tempting to push a vehicle as long as you can before getting a strange noise or other problem looked at, but it’s important to be aware that some car maintenance requires immediate attention. Ignoring some necessary repairs leads to dangerous situations and a higher cost.

Difficulty Steering

You likely have power steering since that is the common design of today’s cars. Power steering is what makes your steering so smooth and easy, and it’s heavily affected by the suspension and shock absorbers on your car. When the suspension or shock absorbers go bad, so does the steering. You’ll notice it is difficult to steer the vehicle, and when that happens, it’s an uncomfortable, out-of-control feeling. Have your mechanic look at the system right away.

The Engine Light Is Flashing

If the check engine light pops on, it’s not something to ignore, even if the car seems fine. The car’s system might know something is amiss before you feel or see it. Take your car in for a check before you end up stranded on the side of the road.

Unusual Brake Noises

You use your brakes constantly, and they never complain, but when the brake pads wear out, you’ll hear some strange noises. One of the best ways to save money on brake repairs is to keep them well-maintained and repair them as problems crop up. Use your ears to guide you. Grinding and squeaking noises are an indicator that it’s time for new pads, and that’s nothing to put off. If you do, the pads will grind to nothing, leaving you with bigger brake issues.

Unhealthy Tire Treads

Especially with winter approaching, strong, safe tires are essential. If the treads on your tires look heavily worn and torn, it’s time for new tires. Don’t risk a blown or flat tire by putting off buying new tires.


Smoke is a sign to visit your auto mechanic. Here are some common areas that may not be working properly if you see smoke coming from your car or truck:

  • Fuel injector
  • Carburetor
  • Ignition timing
  • Radiator hoses
  • Engine block
  • Air filter

Remember, there is some car maintenance that needs immediate attention so that you can keep your car running like new.

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