What Type of Thanksgiving Host You Are Based on Your MBTI Personality Type?

Thanksgiving is here! It’s a festival to show gratitude, a time that brings families together, a holiday steeped in tradition and togetherness. 

To mark these festive vibes, we, the team at ThePleasantPersonality, thought it would be interesting to evaluate the hosting styles of each MBTI personality type. So, we asked our reviewer and Certified Psychiatrist, Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, to share her inputs. 

Let’s explore how each type might take on the role of a Thanksgiving host. 

What Does Your MBTI Personality Type Say About Your Hosting Skills?

ISTJs – Traditional Host

ISTJs are known for staying calm under pressure, one of their greatest strengths. They are also very good at planning because they think clearly, manage their time well, and focus on what’s most important. They like to follow rules and traditions. This means they often use family recipes passed down for generations. When hosting events like Thanksgiving, they pay close attention to every little detail, ensuring everything is well-organized and goes as planned.

INTJs – Organized Host

INTJs are really good at planning and organizing, especially when hosting events like Thanksgiving. As their intuitive mind foresees things ahead of time, they prefer to stay prepared and have backup plans ready in case things don’t go as expected in the party. They are also very creative and like to come up with new ideas. So, you can expect to see some unique dishes and decorations at their events.

ESTJs – Innovative Host

ESTJs like trying new things but usually stick to traditional ways. This means they often go for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. They are very organized and like to do things in an orderly manner. So, when they host, everything is well-planned and not messy. Also, they make sure their family and friends are happy with everything at the event.

ENTJs – Inspirational Host

ENTJs always aim for the best, especially when preparing for their Thanksgiving party. They are inspiring leaders with a lively charm, which makes their dinner parties impressive and draws people in. As hosts, they are energetic and encourage everyone at the party to be active and enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

ESTPs – Socializing Host

ESTPs prefer to avoid missing out on fun, so they always ensure they’re not alone for their Thanksgiving party. Their kitchen and party will be full of people and lively. They like to mix things up and be creative, so their parties are often more innovative than others. For example, they might grill the turkey outdoors or add fun competitions to the day.

ESFP – Entertainer Host

ESFPs, known as entertainers, love trying new things in their lives. For them, every day is an opportunity to do something exciting. They don’t like anything boring, so their parties are always energetic. Expect lots of music, laughter, and even dance-offs at their parties. Plus, you’ll find many exciting conversations at an ESFP’s Thanksgiving party since they are talkative.

ENTPs – Debater Host

ENTPs are known for being good at debates, so you can expect lively discussions at their dinner table. They don’t always stick to traditions, so their parties might have unusual decorations or dishes. ENTPs are also very confident and don’t worry much about what others think. That’s why their decorations might be unique and different from the usual traditional style.

ENFPs – Talkative Host

ENFPs are extroverts who really enjoy talking and interacting with people. They are great at starting fun and interesting conversations, so their Thanksgiving parties are usually full of lively discussions. ENFPs are also very imaginative and full of ideas. You might find them organizing activities like role-playing, interactive games, and dancing at their parties. They make sure everyone is included and feels a part of the celebration.

ISFPs – Artistic Host

ISFPs have a great sense of beauty and style, so they bring their artistic touch to the table setting and decorations. They love colors, so their parties often have a colorful and attractive setting. ISFPs also enjoy quiet time, so their events are usually relaxed and cozy. But when needed, they can become the center of attention and add excitement to the party.

INFPs – Generous Host

INFPs are known for being kind, caring, and generous. At their Thanksgiving parties, you’ll often see them giving thanks and showing appreciation to those who deserve it. They are also full of unique ideas, so their party settings are often creative and different from the usual. Since INFPs are introverts, they prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings rather than large, flashy celebrations.

ISFJs – Caring Host

ISFJs are really good at understanding how others feel, which makes them caring hosts. They often go out of their way to make their guests feel comfortable and looked after. They are so thoughtful that they might even cook special dishes based on what each guest likes. ISFJs also value traditions and customs, so you can expect to see some traditional elements in their Thanksgiving celebrations.

INTPs – Low-key Host

INTPs are introverts who often prefer spending time alone rather than in big groups. So, if they’re hosting a Thanksgiving celebration, it’s likely low-key and not too crowded. They enjoy talking about interesting topics, so you can expect some deep and engaging conversations on a range of subjects, from science to history. They might also set up games that require thinking, like chess, for their guests to enjoy.

ISTPs – Enthusiastic Host

ISTPs are full of energy, and you’ll see this in how they enthusiastically arrange everything. They always have new ideas, so their parties might have unique decorations and special dishes. As curious people, they often like to show off their cooking skills, maybe with a perfectly cooked turkey or a challenging dessert. They’re good at ensuring everything at the party runs smoothly, just like a well-oiled machine.

INFJs – Calm Host

INFJs are known for their unique and creative ideas, which you can see in their party decorations and planning. They are calm and seek to create peaceful and meaningful gatherings. INFJs enjoy being around people who think like they do. Since they’re not fans of small talk, their parties often have deeper, more thoughtful conversations. They might also organize activities encouraging everyone to think about what they’re grateful for and reflect on things.

ESFJs – Dedicated Host

ESFJs are well-known for their commitment and enthusiasm. You’ll notice their careful attention to every detail of the party arrangements. They are the ultimate hosts, skillfully balancing the creation of a perfect dinner while ensuring every guest feels important and included. ESFJs often personally attend to each guest’s needs as they are great at building relationships. Plus, their parties are always well-organized and run smoothly without any chaos.  

ENFJs – Passionate Host

ENFJs are passionate and continually work to create a friendly and engaging atmosphere at their parties. They believe in the power of bringing people together, so they make sure to include everyone in their Thanksgiving celebration. ENFJs are also very empathetic and good at understanding how others feel. Because of this, they go out of their way to ensure every guest has a wonderful and memorable experience.  

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